If anyone is looking for a church and you live either in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn Bronx, Staten Island or even on Long Island, I would definitely recommend Times Square Church located at 50th and Broadway (in Times Square) New York

If you would prefer to stream their Sunday morning service live  or view some of their other services, you can visit their website at:  You will be so Blessed!  They also have a store where you can purchase sermons, music, books, etc…

Also, if you want some materials for Bible Studies, I would also highly recommend Precept Ministries. This ministry is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Kay Arthur is the founder of this ministry and her teaching is domestic and international as well.  She will help bring you into a deeper walk with the Lord. If you visit her site, you may be able to find a Bible Study in your area! She  also has a book store where you can purchase Bibles and other various study tools.  The website is

For those who may be interested in going on a Biblical tour (also known as a Holy Land tour), I would recommend  Messianic Journeys located in Chicago. That is who I am going with.  Their website us

I know by utilizing either of these godly resources, you be very blessed and grow deeper on your journey with the Lord.



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