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Hi. I am a born-again, Bible believing Christian-who was born 3/4 Jewish (but not raised in it). Some would say that I am a Messianic Jew-which means a Jewish believer who recognizes Jesus as the Messiah.  My hearts desire is to introduce the love of Jesus to those who are looking for it and to let them know that God loves them and invites them to be His children forever. Sin separates us from God, but, Jesus took away the sins of the world through His death on the cross so that we can have the opportunity to be a child of God for all of eternity once we repent (walk away from) our sins. It is only through repentance we can have a true relationship with God

God had put it on my heart to write a blog; and in obedience to Him I am doing it.  I am not the most computer savvy person so this is a work in progress and I am learning new things every day as I continue on with His strength.

I hope as we continue our journeys in life, that we learn to walk Every Day With Grace with God.


In His Love,





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  1. Just found your site looking for “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” My husband is going through a time at work that Satan is really beefing up against him. Anyway thank you for writing this blog. I sighed up to receive from email. May you be abundantly BLESSED today! Cher

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