“The fool says in his heart, there is no God.” (Psalm 14:1)

With the Presidential election coming up in less then two months, all I seem to hear is people talking about who they are looking to for solutions in their lives and for this country.  I find it amusing that people think they can be truly governed without God as an active participant. Any government without God fails the people. Look at some of the countries in our world today. Or, one can look at history.  Ever hear of socialism or communism?

I also find it amusing that people think they can keep God in a box within a closed off sanctuary on Sundays-which is supposed to be His house, but who is actually treated like a temporary guest.  People today are so desensitized where God is concerned.  They cannot distinguish religion from redemption. Religion is mankind’s way of being right with God because we bring God down to our level.  Redemption is entering into a relationship with Jesus (who is God) who brings us up to God’s level. When one is redeemed they were bought with a price; and that price was the blood Jesus shed on the cross at Calvary.

Make no mistake; there are many, many people who think they believe in God but have no idea who He is.  Therefore, they are willing to look to the government (again, mankind) for results that can only be truly changed through the hand and heart of God. God created mankind in His image; but once Adam and Eve fell from perfection, it was all downhill from there. That’s why God made a way for redemption to whomever would want to partake of it.  The invitation to salvation is alway available to mankind. Once accepted, it then opens the heart to knowing who God really is. That’s why when people say that mankind has evolved, I think they are so confused. Mankind’s idea of evolution is coming way from God through choice. However, God has not changed His view or His plan towards His creation. Mankind’s view of God is more traditional than relational. When God is not acknowledged in the hearts of mankind, He is not acknowledged in the minds (where decisions are made); and therefore, not represented in our actions. God has always made Himself known throughout His entire creation. The next time you look to the heavens at night and see the stars; or a beautiful sunrise and feel its warmth, know that God is all around you.

Why live as a fool when the God of all mankind is ever present and waiting to give us His wisdom and love?

In His Love,



Did you know that God loves you?